Hands on Deck

Prototype Experiences

University Parking System

How might we develop a solution for a car driver, to help him find a Parking Space before he arrives near his destination, respecting driving time, traffic and congestion.



To manage a Parking Spot effeciently, reservation before arriving to the destination supported with right navigation design proves to be a solution to the congestion at the Parking Space.


By sharing the information about available Parking Spots, we give freedom to User to plan his itineraries.


Effective navigation design helps User to avoid the last moment problems of finding the spots and creating congestion at the Parking Space.

User Experience

There is a plenty of room for improvising of User Experience with Parking Spaces. The challenge that remains, is to help User park his car in the right way to avoid mismanagement at the Parking Space.


User have a concern for security while parking his car in a parking spot, while the University has its own security compliances.

Convinence (Bill Payments)

Automatic Payments can prove to be a great feature of this service, we need to come up with better and faster process for checkout, billings and payments.


In cases of University Parking was full, Users couldnā€˜t find any Parking Space and felt helpless in that situation.


There is an acute need to scale this prototype to expand the availability of more Parking Spots to the Users.


How might we make sure that we have some Parking Spots equipped with tools and services that can enable them serve physically challenged and disabled people.

Further Developments

Application of AI & Chatbots

HOD Method is a complete design method in itself, but in the example of parking HOD Method was used as part of a ecosystem design process, please check out the entire project to discover how this method led to application of AI and building into an ecosystem disruptive venture-
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