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Hands on Deck Method


About HOD Method

Hands On Deck design process is based on the contextual inquiry method by theatrical performance, to investigate and comprehend human behaviours, interactions and events while designing for a service or product service system. It clarifies the emotional side of an experience and can reveal many practicalities of the use of physical space, interaction, language, and tone of voice. This method facilitates multiple insights on these service-events from multi-sensory perpectives to faciliate designing for AR, VR and other digital experiences.

The reiteration loop, that builds upon the prototype, following the feedback from the users, to get valuable insights for building final product brief for the UX team.

  • Investigation

    Before starting with preliminary stages of prototyping planning, understanding of the context of service is critical to the success of HOD prototyping. To facilitate the process of comprehension of context, we can use ‘Investigating Customer Journey Canvas’ and ‘ Interviewee Persona Template’ supplied with the method-kit.

  • Ecosystem Design

    A thorough analysis of actors, activities involved in the functioning of services followed by understanding the mode of delivery is essential to map the service in order to appoint actors, framing the story and comprehending relationship dynamics in-between actors. To facilitate mapping of the ecosystem, the method-kit is supplied with a guideline for mapping ecosystem.

  • Service Play

    Post briefing the participants about their roles in the service play. A safe-space is setup, and following the journey, the participants start the service play following their own interpretation of the service design and the created environment. To facilitate for planning for service play, the method-kit is supplied with planning canvas. It is imperative to take notes of key events, dialogs and transaction that occur during service play, to help record these initial findings later into supplied canvases and forms.

  • Record & Prototype

    The HOD Method is supplied with a series of canvases and maps to help record service journey, key events, conversations and emotions of the participants, that facilitates stake holders and designers with making right decisions for further development of prototypes for the project.